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Posted 10/01/2022

Join the Fight Against Teen Substance Use

Most have heard “Teenagers will be teenagers.” or “Everyone is doing it!” or made similar statements...

Posted 02/25/2022

Simple Facts About Fentanyl Poisoning

The drastic increase in opioid overdose deaths is largely due to Fentanyl poisoning.

Illegal Fentan...

Posted 01/28/2022

When a Loved One is Experiencing Addiction, There’s Healing and Hope for Family and Friends

Addiction doesn’t just impact the person suffering from the disease, but their family and friends as...

Posted 01/21/2022

Marijuana: Beyond the Labels

The most commonly used addictive substance following alcohol and tobacco is marijuana. Also known as...

Posted 01/21/2022

The Role of Spirituality in Recovery

As the disease of addiction intensifies, people may drift further away from family and friends, leav...

Posted 12/20/2021

Network of Hope

When a person is suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs, their family and friends suffer along...

Posted 12/16/2021

Addiction and the Holidays

This time of year brings joy for many, but those struggling with addiction could be experiencing a p...

Posted 12/16/2021

Increasing Expert Addiction Care

Over the last 20 years, substance use disorders have continued to increase and transition from one d...

Posted 12/15/2021

Coalitions Tackling Addiction Together

In September 2021, the National Center for Wellness & Recovery received the Muskogee Opioid Response...

Posted 12/08/2021

Tips for Reducing Alcohol

Research is showing that alcohol sales are up since the start of the pandemic. With ongoing isolatio...

Posted 11/29/2021

Treating Addiction with Medications

Just like insulin is used to treat diabetes, medications are available to treat addiction. Historica...

Posted 10/26/2021

Pursuing the Gap: Treating Adolescent Addiction

Addiction medicine wasn’t Dr. Trevor Anderson’s primary focus during medical school. However, it qui...

Posted 10/26/2021

Serving is a Way of Life

“I grew up in Virginia next to the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, which is a dense military area,” explaine...

Posted 09/30/2021

Prenatal and Addiction Care for Women in Incarceration

Women have unique medical needs related to the reproductive system and child-bearing that require sp...

Posted 08/31/2021

Non-Pharmacologic Approaches to Athletic Injuries

One of the entry points for the misuse and overuse of opioids is during treatment for severe pain fr...

Posted 07/21/2021

Eliminating Stigma: The Disease of Addiction

When a close friend finds out they have Alzheimer’s disease or cancer, our hearts instantly stir wit...

Posted 07/07/2021

Addiction Prevention

Prevent Teen Substance Use

Experts agree that brains do not fully develop until about age 25....

Posted 06/28/2021

Wellness Essential in Prevention and Recovery

The term “wellness” can have a variety of definitions depending on who you ask. Some will suggest th...

Posted 06/23/2021

Reducing Pain. Reducing Opioids.

One of the most common reasons people use opioids is to manage pain from an injury, surgical or dent...

Posted 05/24/2021

Integrated Approach to Addiction Treatment

In 2019, more than 9 million adults in the U.S. between the ages of 18 and 25 were diagnosed with at...

Posted 04/27/2021

Counseling a Key Component in Recovery

Once patients begin their road to recovery from addiction, counseling is an important component for ...

Posted 03/30/2021

Translating Research into Practice

When you meet Julie Croff for the first time, it doesn’t take long to notice her enthusiasm and devo...

Posted 03/23/2021

Quality Time Can Reduce Effects from COVID Isolation

The long-term effects on our mental health due to COVID-19 may not be fully known for some time. How...

Posted 02/23/2021

Reducing Prenatal Exposure

The opioid crisis affects every race, economic class, religious affiliation, age, culture, and gende...

Posted 02/23/2021

Commitment to Veterans

Veterans who live in rural areas face unique health care challenges such as higher rates of chronic ...

Posted 02/02/2021

Unlocking Answers with World-Class Brain Imaging Technology

Posted 02/02/2021

World-Class Brain Imaging Technology Arrives at NCWR

Posted 01/19/2021

Preparing Health Professionals

The United States has been suffering devastating consequences of the growing opioid epidemic since t...

Posted 12/22/2020

Understanding Addiction in Rural Oklahoma

Individuals who live in rural communities may have a higher risk for a number of diseases, including...

Posted 12/21/2020

Changing the Perception of Addiction

“The field of addiction medicine has shown me how harmful labels and language can be, but also the p...

Posted 11/30/2020

ECO Partnership with NCWR Provides Hope to Rural Communities

“Everyone knows everyone in a small town and patients are uncomfortable seeking treatment for proble...

Posted 11/30/2020

Pursuing Answers for the Endemic of Depression, Suicide and Obesity

“Depression, substance use disorders and obesity are complex diseases with a multitude of causes, bu...

Posted 11/23/2020

Path to Answers Gets Jump-Start with New MRI

It’s a common misconception that drug addiction is a moral failure, but scientists have proven that ...

Posted 09/09/2020

Molecular Research the Foundation of New Non-Addictive Pain Treatments

Through molecular research, scientists at the National Center for Wellness & Recovery at Oklahoma St...

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