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Through biomedical and clinical research, medical education and innovative patient care, we’re bringing hope to the fight against opioid use disorder.

Recovery Clinic


Addiction is a chronic medical condition that is treatable with personalized and comprehensive care. NCWR addiction medicine specialists provide customized, outpatient care for adults and adolescents suffering from addiction. Integrated treatment methods include medications for opioid and substance use disorders, counseling and behavioral therapy, and support groups. Appointments are available in person or virtually at the Tulsa clinic, as well as virtually in rural health facilities throughout Oklahoma.

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National Center for Wellness & Recovery

Our multidisciplinary team of scientists, physicians, researchers and educators have joined forces to end addiction. We’re developing ANSWERS for chronic pain and substance use disorders while safeguarding future generations from addiction through research, medical education and community advocacy. With innovative patient care methods, we’re improving healthcare ACCESS to all Oklahomans and delivering HOPE to those suffering.

Hope Network Family Support Program

Family and friends frequently feel helpless when a loved one is struggling with addiction. NCWR at Oklahoma State University offers a free, 12-week virtual support program, Hope Network, to help families better understand addiction, learn coping skills and become a healthier resource for their loved one. Weekly sessions empower family members with strategies that encourage loved ones to seek recovery and creates a space for healing and wellness for them during a challenging journey. For more information on Hope Network, contact the NCWR Addiction Recovery Clinic at (918) 561-1890 or

“The field of addiction medicine has shown me how harmful labels and language can be, but also the power of hope.”

— Kelly Dunn, M.D. Executive Director, Clinical Treatment

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